How to Navigate the Work-Life Balance

By Melinda Nicci - 13:19

Maintaining the balance between finding success in your job and living the life you want to live can feel like an impossible juggling act. I'm here to help you know it doesn't have to be that way. The secret is, there is no magic formula for getting the 'right' work-life balance. But there are things you can do, and new perspectives you can explore that change how you think about the balance between your personal and professional lives. Of course, being a mom adds another layer of complexity to the equation. Archaic attitudes towards being a mom and being a professional creates the notion that "you can't do it all". However, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you can do it all, and you can be amazing at it. In fact, you are amazing. (See tip #1 below). So, that's why I'm sharing my top 5 tips for navigating the work-life balance

5 Ways to Make the Work-Life Balance Work

1. Be your own best source of positivity and encouragement 
There are always going to be tough days when you feel like you're not performing at the level you want to at work, or that you've missed one too many sporting events or science fairs. It's always good to recognize areas for improvement in our life, but you'll get so much more out of it when you approach it with positivity. Focus on the areas in which you feel successful, and let that breed more positivity and bring energy into your life. Remind yourself every day that you are doing a great job.
2. Do something you love
When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I learned this from watching my dad in his career and I've found it to be so true in pursuing my own professional path. Being an entrepreneur and following my passions in health and fitness through launching Baby2Body has allowed me to do something I love every single day. I implore you to take time to recognize what it is you really love, and just go after it. Of course, in any job there will be things you don't love, but if you're passionate about what's at the core of your work, then you're doing something right. 
3. Quality over quantity
I live by the rule quality over quantity when it comes to time spent with my family and friends. Especially as a single mother running a business, it can feel like I don't see my kids as much as I'd like to. But I make sure that the time we spend together is as rich, loving, and as meaningful as possible. If it's taking our dog for a walk in the park, sneaking off for a beach day on the weekend, having a heartfelt chat over dinner, or just laughing until our stomachs hurt - that quality time means everything. 
4. Make time for yourself
It's so important to learn how to take time to yourself. I'm sure you feel like you're constantly going, and doing things for everyone else but yourself, giving everything you have to make the people in your life happy. There's a beauty in that, but it can also be detrimental to your health and happiness if you don't stop and say "I'm going to take care of me right now". My avenue for self-care has always been exercise. After a long day I can step away from everything by spending an hour in the gym. It allows me to unwind and take off my CEO hat, my mom hat, my friend hat, all of those roles we take on. Once I've had that sacred time to focus on myself, it allows me to go home with renewed energy. Find your outlet for self-care - whether it's yoga, meditation, or journaling - make that time yours, and make it about you.
5. Take hold of the present
My late mother always used to say "life's not a dress rehearsal". She was encouraging my brothers and me to make the most of every moment we had, to live every day like it was our last. This is how I aim to live my life, and in doing so I've found great fulfillment in so many areas. Focus on your present moment - whether it's at work, or at home, on holiday, or out to dinner with friends - and just enjoy it. We spend too much time worrying if we're doing the right things, saying the right things, or if we're making it all work. But life's happening and it's here, so the greatest thing we can do for ourselves is to take hold of the present and make the most out of it.

I'd love to know what you do to make your work-life balance work! Share your favorite tips or insights in the comments below. If you're looking for daily motivation and inspiration to help you live your best and do motherhood your way, head on over to the App Store and download the Baby2Body App today!

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